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Arco Arena

ARCO Arena is an indoor entertainment arena in Sacramento, California.

Built in 1988 by Rann Haight, the arena cost up to $40 million, was named the ARCO arena due to the sponsor of the project was the energy company; ARCO.

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On average the arena hosts close to 200 events each and every year. These events range from sporting events such as NBA games, MMA nights to WWE matches!

The arena also hosts a variety of huge pop-star concerts featuring many performers such as Britney Spears and Katy Perry etc.

Events that surround the enter arena floor (such as sporting events) can seat up to 17,300 people.

More recently the ARCO arena renamed to “Power Balance Pavilion” in March 2011 due to its new sponsor “Power Balance” a company that manufactures sports wristbands, although it is still refereed to as the ARCO arena amongst majority of the visitors and locals.

The ARCO arena (Power Balance Pavilion) is also known for hosting high school / college basket ball championships and many graduation celebrations.

Some of the most famous events at the venue include illy Graham which has seen the largest ever crowd at the arena. The venue is also famous for many firsts including first pay-per-view world extreme cage fighting event and pay-per-view WWE matches.

The arena has had such success that the famous band “Cake” actually wrote and performed a song called “Arco Arena” on their album “Comfort Eagle”.

This venue has hosted many great events over the years and continues to be one of the most popular entertainment venues in California.

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We advise you come check out a event here, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time and see some very big names. Some of the events even offer you the opportunity to meet your favourite star. Keep your eyes out for “Meet and Greet” VIP tickets!